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Dan’s Corner


One in five people suffer depression and like me it is not ever diagnosed. Combating depression is very often more than deciding to be positive. I battled this for most of my life and it is like riding a bike up a steep hill every day of your life. It is very tiring and after [...]

Ten things Worth Knowing

1.   First Base. Denial, blame and resentment will cause you to live in a place of confusion and impotence. You cannot change you life for the better if you don’t understand the one you are living now. Acceptance of where you are now is the launching pad to where you want to go. Vision and [...]

Little Boxes

When we started this ministry we faced these four major obstacles. Some we have yet to get over and some we still face again from time to time. It is incredible how these four obstacles can feed each other! Opinion feeds doubt, doubt feeds fear, fear is fed by lack and so it goes around [...]


So what makes the difference between the competitor who gets first place and and the one who gets second? What makes the difference between a good leader and a world changer? What did Nelson Mandela have that changed Africa? What did Martin Luther King have that changed America? What did Mother Teresa have that changed [...]

Living on the Front Line

We unintentionally put boundaries on what we think God can do and what we can ask for… and what we think we deserve.  It’s a mind set I struggle with almost every day… but Vereen spoke this word into my life which brought tears to my eyes…. See the entire post @ http://www.activeministries.com/front_line.html

Gone Fish’n

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Check out this great video http://www.activeministries.com/gonefishn.html

The Power of Sin

Sin is diametrically opposed to truth and the practice of justice. It demands obedience to itself in order justify and substantiate is own righteousness and justice therefore it can never find rest because of this struggle. (read entire post @  http://www.activeministries.com/power_of_sin.html)

How do we know when we have forgiven?

Jesus instructed us to ‘turn the other cheek’. Doesn’t seem fair does it… to risk getting hurt again. Well remember ‘its not all about me’ you have been bought with a great price. Jesus gave everything for your salvation and restoration of your relationship with His Father and us with each other… http://www.activeministries.com/how_do_i_know.html

Against All Odds

When your circumstances seem impossible, when getting out of your predicament seems unlikely, when all seems lost and over, when it seems God is distant from your needs, when your hopes and dreams seem to be as far away to you as the earth is from the sun…. http://www.activeministries.com/odds.html

Why don’t people choose change?

The pain of change is really the persecution of the flesh. Trouble is the flesh is already in pain after years of living with the outcomes of injustice and dysfunction. It has become an old and familiar friend. Some see it as ‘the cross they carry’ but this view is not correct… see http://www.activeministries.com/change.html