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Open Says Me!

One Day I was in a hurry to pick something up from a building not familiar to me. My mind was filled with the things I had to do that day, as I walked briskly up to the glass double doors. I stopped in front of them and stood there waiting for them to open [...]

The Grass is Greener

Dan & I teach our Course at One80tc(teen challenge) on a Wednesday morning. When travelling there, we drive through a few suburbs that has open country areas. We were going down a fairly busy main road and I said ‘look at that’. There was a sheep on one side of the fence, a sheep on [...]

The Nod

My Husband Dan and I ride a Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycle. We absolutely love to get away on the bike as much as possible.  There is a ‘code’ between most motorbike riders, and that is ‘the nod’. When riding past a fellow biker this nod is exchanged. I suppose you can put your own interpretation on [...]

Forgiveness and Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is like taking poison hoping the other person will die. This is so true. Today is not just wednesday to me, today we tackle forgiveness with the One80TC guys. My Husband Dan and I teach our Anger Management Course at One80TC (teen challenge). We give our time and energy (and much prayer) for these guys, [...]

Getting used to a blog

Gidday (this is an Australian term which means hi, hello) Usually do a Vereen’s Vibe and put it on this blog.  But realise that it takes more to make a blog. A blog is a constant interaction of thoughts and ditties. Am I right? Anyway, will still do the vibes, but also you can have a [...]

Not Just Another Ant

I was in the backyard lying on the grass. I spied with my little eye…an ant. They are so busy. I said “hi ant, how are you today?’ No I am not losing my mind! The ant went about his business oblivious to my talking to it, of course. He/she was so busy, totally ingrossed [...]

It is Puzzling Isn’t it?

  At age forty five I found myself living as a single parent with 6 year old son. I was offered a housing commission home, which is cheaper housing provided by the government. I had to accept this at the time. It was in a suburb that was ‘rough’. It seemed to be a regular [...]

Press Mute

I have talked in previous vibes about the race of life and how a race parallels our lives. There is a start and a finish. We started as a winner and because of Jesus we will end as a winner. But what about all the stuff in between? We were not born with a manual. [...]

Who Are You?

People are watching our lives. Waiting to get a glimpse of who we are. Can they see the real you? Can I describe my life in a nutshell? That is a saying that means to tell your story in a small version. Our lives are not small. In all my 51 years I have had [...]

Your Cheer Squad

Positive thoughts bring positive action and therefore change. How we talk to ourselves is vital. We are our worst critic. If we continually say ‘you have blown it’ and we stay in that frame of mind, satan comes along and uses that to his advantage. You will get very negative and probably go down the [...]